AGA hopes to “thrive” under Trump Administration

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is focusing on ‘proactively engaging with the new Administration and incoming members of Congress,’ in the wake of the presidential elections, according to a statement published by President and CEO of the AGA, Geoff Freeman outlining focus areas in the wake of the vote.
“With the dawning of a new era in Congress, the gaming industry’s Congressional champion development efforts have never been more important,” states Freeman.
The AGA is advancing a five-point plan to engage the new administration, including: advocating pro-business policies promoting growth and reinvestment; supporting economic policies providing consumers with confidence and discretionary income; encouraging a welcoming environment for foreign visitors – ‘many of who are interested in enjoying the casino gaming experience’; cultivating relationships with and ‘educating’ new members of Congress on gaming’s ‘positive’ economic and community impacts; and advancing a pro-gaming agenda.

‘The AGA will leverage our industry’s 40-state presence to coalesce a powerful network of Congressional leaders willing to promote favourable public policies and block overzealous federal efforts that add unnecessary costs and inefficiencies to our business,” notes the CEO. Freeman notes that the “challenges before us remain great” however “we are optimistic a Trump Administration” will feature “more restrained federal agencies than what our industry […] experienced over the last eight years”.
The CEO notes that the gaming industry is “well positioned to thrive in this new environment” and that AGA is “eager to work with the Trump Administration and new Congress” predicting “important victories for the gaming industry” in the years to come.
AGA is the primary U.S. national trade group representing the American casino industry.
The parent companies of local gaming operators Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts have pledged to follow AGA’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming, while AGA’s Geoff Freeman and Las Vegas Sands’ (parent company of Sands China) Sheldon Adleson often have opposing viewpoints on many issues.