Coast casinos have best year since recession, best December ever with sports betting

Mississippi Coast casinos had their best December in 26 years, after legalized sports betting allowed Saints fans across the Gulf Coast to bet on their team this year.

The 12 casinos had a combined $106.4 million in gross casino revenue in December, a 7.5 percent increase over December 2017.

The only other time the Coast casinos topped $100 million in December was in 2007 — before the national recession and when South Mississippi was booming with construction after Hurricane Katrina. That December’s revenue was $103 million.

Gross casino revenue is the amount wagered at a casino, minus the winnings paid to players and before taxes and expenses. The gross revenue from sports betting is added to the money the casinos win on the slot machines and table games, and is taxed at 12 percent.
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