Cruisers pack up after record breaking event

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – The week-long party on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is coming to an end.

Classic cars are being loaded onto their trailers, RVs are hitting the road, and Cruisin’ the Coast is closing the books on another big year.

Cruisers are packing up and hitting the road back to wherever they call home, but many are already making plans to return next year. There are many reasons these repeat visitors give for cruising back to the Gulf Coast every year for this event.

Dallas Granger said, “It’s all friends and family right here.”

Many of Granger’s extended family members make the trip from Louisiana together every fall, meeting up in the same parking lot each year for a fun family reunion.

Granger has had such a great time at Cruisin’ the Coast over the past decade, he’s now considering making the Gulf Coast a more permanent part of his future.

“When I retire I’m going to move here,” Granger added.

For Granger’s family, the event has become an annual tradition that is now being carried on by future generations.

“We’ve been coming here since I was probably about nine years old,” said Heather Darby.

Now, more than a dozen years later, Darby is passing that tradition on to her son, first-time cruiser Cayne.

For years, Darby has enjoyed watching classic rides parade up and down the beach, and she is now looking forward to the day when one of those antique beauties is her own.

“Fingers crossed,” said Darby.

Throughout the week of Cruisin’, a feeling of friendship and family could be felt all along the Gulf Coast.

Although it’s only the third year that Howard Brown has attended Cruisin’, he still remembers what hooked him during his first visit and has caused him to return each year since.

“How people treat each other,” said Brown. “The love for cars and just being able to relax and enjoy what people put into their cars.”

As Brown helped pack up his friend Nate Henderson’s ’66 Plymouth, only one thing kept running through his mind.

“Looking forward to next year,” said Brown.

Until then, Crusin’ the Coast can boast another record-breaking year, with more than 7,600 registered vehicles. Event organizers are already planning 2016 festivities.

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