Games on display at G2E show transition to skill-based products

Skill and interactivity were the words of the week on the showroom floor of this year’s Global Gaming Expo.

The annual casino industry conference, also known as G2E, wrapped up Thursday after several days showcasing some of the most cutting-edge products from gambling companies. Set against the backdrop of Nevada’s recent moves to regulate the development of skill-based slot machines, the conference’s showroom provided a window into how companies are reacting to the new environment.

What was shown off at G2E represents only the beginning of how game companies will make products that give casino floors a more arcade-like feel. After all, the regulations were only finalized two weeks ago, and more work — namely, the approval of technical standards — remains.

Nonetheless, it was no coincidence that some of the most interesting products in the G2E showroom contained an element of skill — or at least a level of player interaction that goes beyond what traditional slot machines offer.

To illustrate, here’s a brief look at how five companies explored those characteristics at G2E.

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