New AGA Research: Super Bowl Viewers Support Change to Sports Betting Laws

Super Bowl Viewers Support Change to Sports Betting Laws



Dear Gaming Colleagues:

An overwhelming majority of Super Bowl viewers say it’s time to change sports betting law, according to new research released by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and reported by ESPN. Further, 47 million people have bet on the Big Game at some point, and an equal number say they have bet on sports in the past year. That’s nearly three times the number of people who attended every NFL game this season (17.3 million).

The first-of-its-kind survey also found that two-thirds (66%) of viewers believe the decision to legalize sports betting or not should be up to the states.

The research also found that regulated sports betting would:

·         Protect the Integrity of Games: 65 percent of Super Bowl viewers believe transparent, regulated wagering will either strengthen the integrity of games or have no impact on game outcomes.

·         Benefit Communities, Enhance Consumer Safety: 72 percent of Super Bowl viewers believe allowing states to regulate sports betting will make it safer for consumers; 68 percent believe legal, regulated sports betting will generate tax funds for much needed local programs like education and public safety.

·         Increase Fun and Engagement Among Fans: 67 percent of Super Bowl viewers say they’re more likely to watch a game if they bet on it. Most fans agree betting makes the game more enjoyable (53%) and makes them follow teams and players more closely (55%).

Following AGA Board’s adoption of a modernized approach to sports betting in November, AGA has begun to aggressively highlight sports betting’s widespread popularity and antiquated federal law that drives an illegal market which fails to protect consumers and the integrity of sports. Just last week, we released an estimate predicting that Americans will wager $4.2 billion – 97 percent of it illegally – on this year’s Super Bowl, which drove significant attention to the current state of sports betting.

Additionally, AGA has launched a new website to inform media and the public and to build a grassroots network of advocates for a new approach to sports betting. Add your name to the conversation at

In 2016, AGA is leading a national discussion around sports betting through robust research, aggressive communications and partnerships with a variety of voices with interest in sports betting, including gaming leaders, law enforcement officials, regulators, legislators and professional sports leagues.

As always, thank you for your feedback and engagement.


Geoff Freeman
President and CEO


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