Quick Stats

Mississippi Commercial Casinos
Current # of Operating Casinos 28
Casino Format Dockside, land-based
Casino Employees 32 thousand total (21.2 thousand direct; 10.8 thousand indirect)
Casino Employee Wages approx. $800 million (includes tips and benefits)
Gross Casino Gaming Revenue $2,860,065,005 (Gaming: $2,074,185,178; Non-Gaming: $785,879,827)
Gaming Tax Revenue $935 million (Gaming: $247.84 million; State & Local: $353.20 million; Federal: $333.74 million)
How Taxes Spent Housing, education, transportation, health care services, youth counseling programs, local public safety programs
Legalization Date 1990
First Casino Opening Date 1992
State Gaming Tax Rate Graduated tax of 8% on gaming revenues; up to 4% additional tax on gaming revenues may be imposed by local governments
Mode of Legalization Legislative action, local option votes
Visitor Volume 23.57 million

Sources: Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association, Mississippi Gaming Commission