The MGHA Mission

The MGHA Mission

The Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association (MGHA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and enhance the reputation and success of the gaming industry within the State of Mississippi.  We seek to accomplish our mission by:

  • Cooperating with government officials in advancing the gaming industry’s common goals and objectives;
  • Promoting comprehensive and fair regulation of the gaming industry to insure integrity at all levels of   operation;
  • Advocating fair and reasonable taxation of the industry, which will permit operators to maximize employment opportunities and re-invest, expand and improve existing facilities
  •   Promoting and participating in public education throughout Mississippi regarding the benefits of casino gaming, including job creation, economic development and how the industry can help the State in maximizing its tax revenues; and
  • Supporting and enhancing responsible gaming programs and offering education and assistance to individuals with gambling problems

The MGHA was chartered in 1993 and works in cooperation with the American Gaming Association headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Gaming & Tourism –

The Gaming industry is part of the overall Travel and Tourism industry in Mississippi, which is the 4th largest industry in the state in terms of jobs – providing more than 85,000 direct jobs. Each year, MGHA publishes its annual report highlighting the Gaming industry’s impact on the state, including taxes generated and other contributions made to support education, public safety and the economy. Without question, the Gaming industry has made a positive impact in Mississippi, providing more than 21,250 direct jobs in 2017, generating nearly $1 billion in tax revenue and having a nearly $4.1 billion economic impact throughout the state. This says nothing of the countless hours the Gaming industry’s employees have donated for the past 25 years to charitable causes and the millions of dollars the industry has donated to the various charitable organizations throughout the state. MGHA seeks to ensure that the positive impact the Gaming industry has had in Mississippi is recognized and celebrated. MGHA also works with its members, including its associate members like the Mississippi Tourism Association and Visit Mississippi and other organizations, to promote and encourage more visitation to Mississippi. Mississippi has much to offer its visitors. From the Delta region to the River region down to the Gulf Coast region, Mississippi covers a large geographic area steeped in history, rich with music, food, culture and southern hospitality. MGHA recognizes that gaming is only one part of the story. Mississippi offers visitors resort destinations with an array of amenities that offers a truly unique and memorable experience. Go to and to learn more.