Centennial Plaza’s new look will be a ‘game changer’ when resort


It’s one of the prettiest sites in South
Mississippi, with its campus of Spanish-style buildings on 50 beachfront
acres shaded by graceful live oak trees.

How do you improve on that?

Centennial Plaza is getting better as buildings open again
as part of the $100 million investment and new life emerges on the
property that for years was a veterans hospital. Hospitality and
entertainment are being added so both locals and tourists will think of
the place as their own.

Just as they did when they brought the White
House Hotel in Biloxi back from decades of neglect, crews from
Barrington Development are restoring the old buildings, some of which
were damaged by Hurricane Katrina and others by time. The craftsmen and
Barrington, in partnership with Virginia attorney Robert Lubin, are
moving toward a mid-summer opening of the hotels, restaurants and
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