IP Dry Dock Wins Prestigious National Engineering Award

IP’s massive dry dock, built in 2014 to enhance the property’s structural stability, was recently honored as 2015’s “Best Specialty Construction Project” by the Engineering News-Record (ENR).


The ENR is a prestigious monthly publication that provides engineering and construction news, analysis and commentary to construction industry professionals across the country.


“It’s an honor to receive this prestigious recognition,” said Ron Frye, Vice President of Design and Construction for Boyd Gaming. “It’s a great tribute to the talent and hard work of the Design and Construction and IP teams, and their incredible effort in making this ambitious project a reality.”


The award-winning dock was based on Frye’s conceptual design.


Construction on the $45 million dry dock project began in 2014, with 14,000 cubic yards of concrete poured underwater to create an eight-foot-thick slab for the casino barge to rest on. Creating the concrete base, which goes as far down as 16.5 feet below sea level, required a record-setting underwater concrete pour.


In total, it took 21 consecutive days of non-stop pouring to create the colossal slab. The completed dock is 200 feet wide and 700 feet long, and stabilizes the IP’s barge to an almost land-based extent. This will reduce future maintenance costs and make hull repairs easier to perform.


More than 100 entries across the country were submitted for the award. But the record-setting dry dock at IP stood head and shoulders above the competition.


“This project had an impressive safety record and project outcome,” one judge said, according to ENR. “With unusual challenges that required innovative design and construction solutions – most of them underwater with zero visibility – all done without disrupting casino operations. I felt there was a ‘wow factor’ [to this project.]”